On our journey through the Alto Douro Vinhateiro, we take a break overlooking the river, perched on the Longroiva graben, a World Heritage Site of great geological interest. Alongside the UNESCO World Heritage landscape, it is in the municipality of Mêda that we get to know the contemporary work of the architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade, who transformed an old neoclassical thermal building into the Longroiva Hotel Rural.
Among suites, double rooms and cozy bungalows, a wellness retreat, marked by the medicinal waters of the Longroiva Thermal Spa and ancient wisdom, which come together in wellness, hydrology and therapeutic spa programs designed to suit our needs. 

And because, in addition to the body, we also need to take care of the spirit, we delight in the Douro and Beira delicacies of the two restaurants that this rural hotel offers us: the Isabel de Aragão Restaurant and the Panoramic Restaurant. For the final touch, we explored the city – from Sítio do Vale do Mouro to the Clock Tower. If, on the other hand, you prefer a program that explores the best that the Douro Valley has to offer, from waking up to going to sleep, the answer is in CMTour. Welcome to Alto Douro and Longroiva Hotel Rural!

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